I’ve waited a long time to be in college. Well, actually, I’ve waited my whole life to get to be in college. It was a dream from my childhood that never came to fruition until recently. I traded the dream once for a new car and later was told I was too old, I had a job that was good enough and it would get me nowhere. Dream killers say words that make us question our hearts.

Dreams….they are delicate and tender. They must be handled with love and a soft caress or else they will blow apart like a dandelions seeds in the wind.  My dream of college had all but died. I said once to a close friend that it was no longer an option for me. I was too old and it would be too hard. His passionate response was like a wave of water on a blustery winter day. “Never say that! None of it is true. It’s NEVER too late”.

I started college in September 2012 for the first time at 44 years old. The dream of going had just barely stayed lit for those 27 years. And then someone came along and not only stoked the ember but threw gasoline on it! When he said he loved me, he meant not only the me he knew that day, but the me he knew I wanted to become. He is not afraid to help me grow or that my growing will somehow make him less. When he says he loves me, he means it.

Dreams are such fragile things. Easy trodden under foot of those with rough hands and inattentive hearts. Yet they live on in the heart of the one who dreams them. This life is like a dream to me. A dream that I had decided would need to be tucked away in a small, dark, hidden place in my heart. Unachievable. Now that dream is vibrant and alive and flown high for all to see. And they may not see the meaning of the flag, or understand why it is flown so high, but I know. For I am the dreamer of the dream that has finally come true.