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Laughter poured across the room like the wine into our glasses
Each story louder and funnier than the last

Then the topper of the night….
“I can’t like her Instagram…..”
“Why?? “
“Because I can’t. I haven’t been able to for months”
“But I love her Instagram!”
“Well, I can’t like it. I’ve tried, but I can’t”
“How can you not? I Love her pictures!!”
“ I know….but I just can’t like her Instagram….”
(Now becoming incredulous)….. “What do you mean you don’t like her Instagram? Just push this button and like her stuff….it’s so great! How could you possibly not like her Instagram. She posts the greatest things.”
“I know it’s great…and I’d really like to like it….But I’m telling you I can’t like her stuff”

(At this point…the two of us not in the conversation can hardly stay on our stools we are laughing so hard….)
Finally…after having grabbed the phone and pounding on the like button on the Iphone…

“Oh…. You CAN’T Like her instagram!”….. What the hell is wrong with your Instagram account??!!??

Welcome to a Sunday night dinner at our house!!!