Ever have one of those days, weeks, weekends or even months that are just, well… indescribable? I usually attach them to some kind of get-a-way. Ya know, a trip somewhere where you talk, hold hands, hear the kids laughing, drink fabulous wine, eat at amazing restaurants, or visit with good friends or family? Well, this weekend has been incredible. Short of winning the lottery, pretty close to perfect. And true to form, because I rarely do anything the normal way, none of the above mentioned things happened.

The Cowboy and I decided early in the week, that we would take Saturday off. Off from the gym, off from our early morning, weekly grocery shopping trip to Walmart, off from invitations to friends or family for dinner or drinks, actually….off from any plans whatsoever. So, we made a plan! We gymed every morning this week at 5am, knowing we would get Saturday off. We did as much homework as we could on the week nights so we would have minimal that might need done over the weekend. We even bought a few groceries mid-week to avoid necessitating the trip on Saturday. We made a plan so that we could make no plans!

And I am proud to say it worked. We started the weekend with a spontaneous trip to the Village Friday night, just the two of us, where we enjoyed some wonderful drinks, tasty sushi and an energetic ambiance! We sat a long time next to the fire pit outside and listened to a single artist lay down his tracks layer by layer until he’d finally sing with a soulful and bluesy kind of sound. We enjoyed the laughter of children at the nearby playground and more than once I felt the Cowboy reach for my hand, give a little squeeze and as I looked up, give me that content, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, smile. Something about knowing that Saturday was our day made it feel like we were on vacation. Like we were somewhere else, far away from Meridian, Idaho. Far away from all the pressures of work and life and being the people we are.

Saturday morning came dark and gray and each time I rolled over in our warm and comfortable bed, I felt the Cowboys strong arms wrap around me and I’d hear his soft whisper close to my ear, “shhhh….it’s not time to get up yet”. I know it may not seem like much, but we run at a pretty fast pace here at the Plummer-Hatch house. So to hear words spoken of no requirements as the sun starts to rise on any morning, is a beautiful gift, not only to my tired body and mind, but to my very soul. I could smell the coffee, feel the morning dawning outside and finally at 9:30 we wandered out of our beautiful, sun-filled bedroom into our welcoming and quiet kitchen, where vanilla bean coffee and coconut creamer awaited. We whispered and touched and talked as the morning rolled on. Jammies and slippers and a fire in the fireplace. Eggs, fresh-cut hash browns, bacon and butter melting on warm biscuits. All this with words spoken quietly and secretly exchanged looks of love and knowing.

The feeling of vacation settled deep in us as the minutes and hours ticked off the day. We watched a movie, we talked of life and abstract ideas and kids and the upcoming trip to Montana. I made dinner and as the day started winding to a close, I had no regrets. Nothing in me wished I’d “accomplished” something. There was no voice reminding me of tasks undone. Instead, there was a great sigh of contentment. And we ended our day much like we’d started it, wrapped in each others arms whispering of a day well spent.

A whole day with my Cowboy. A whole day with no requirements and no demands. Not one thought of it being a wasted day because not one minute of it was a ‘wasted’ day. It was a perfect day. The kind memories are made of and dreams are hung on. So…my suggestion? Make a plan. Plan for a whole day. I know it’s not easy. I know there are things to be done. But, they will always be there. Make a plan and plan a day. Plan a day to make no plans.