To my left is the Director of Prisons, to my right the top Nephrologist in Boise. We are here to discuss protocol and options and patient care. We each go into the meeting with a goal, an acceptable outcome and a no frills argument. We bring our top priorities to the table and we wrestle and twist, each hoping to cast a better light on our perspectives and solutions. We wrangle, presenting facts and figures and metrics, finagling our way through red tape, bureaucracy and corporate mandates. And in the end, after some heated discussion, some intent listening, a better understanding of each other and a fair amount of laughter, we reach an agreement. Each party satisfied with the outcome as we stand and shake hands.

I LOVE high-powered, intense, heated meetings. I like leading them. I like being involved in them. I enjoy the energy and the feeling of accomplishment when they are complete, regardless of outcome. I often leave a meeting like this wondering how I got here, this country girl with very little college….. and praying I get to do it again soon.