The Cowboy and I had some time off over the holidays and so we saw a couple of movies. Four to be exact.  Out of the four movies we watched we found only one of them recommendable. But, I’m not totally sure who I would recommend it to, because based on the reviews of all the other movies we saw, we must be odd when it comes to the ones we like.

The movie was an independent, French film based on a true story called “Intouchables”. The characters were so witty and alive and real that we totally forgot that we were reading captions. The story line was unique and often times extremely politically incorrect which had me gasping then laughing out loud several times. I caught myself looking sideways at the Cowboy wondering if what was just said was as ‘not ok to say’ as I thought and in the end I was very sad to say goodbye to the characters as the movie came to its conclusion. We sat quietly for a while, basking in the pure enjoyable entertainment of what we’d just watched.

It seems rare that we find a movie like that.  Well…. based on our weekend, less than 1 out of 4 times. That being said,  I highly recommend “Intouchables”. But beware….there is no gun play. There are no off world societies with the power to cure themselves of disease or aliens attacking earth. There are no dragons or quests or people being killed in gruesome and horrific ways. It’s just a movie about life and people and relationship, which I happened to think is the very best kind of film on this or any other planet.