It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows us very well that the Cowboy and I frequent the gym. We try to be there 5-6 days a week and on week days that means up around 4am to be there before 5am. The Cowboy has been a certified trainer for years and we have worked out together since we met, so I would say we qualify as fairly serious gym-junkies.

Recently many of our friends and family members have been recommending that we check out the new Gold’s on Eagle, so Saturday morning we did. We arrived around 9am to find the place fairly busy but clean, well-lit and with a very good energy. We wandered through the machines, looked at all the cardio equipment and ended up not only having a very good leg work out but signing the dotted line as members before leaving, and for the small fee of just $19.99 a month. Not only did we see a lot of people we used to work out with at Axiom, we will be saving for close to $60 a month in gym fees. As we ran into people we knew we asked each the same questions, “How long have you been here?” and “Why did you leave Axiom?”  And bottom line every time was $$ and feeling like they mattered.

Each had a similar experience. When they went to Axiom to ask about a lower fee or adjustment to their monthly rate they were met with no willingness to work to keep them. The Cowboy has been a member of Axiom for 12 years. 12 years at $35 a month and I’ve been there 5 years at $40 a month and when we called to ask about cancelling, they told us to just email their credit manager and let her know we wanted to stop our membership. No questions about why, no negotiating to keep us, not even a question of who was calling so they could check our account.

We didn’t change gyms because we were upset or because we were unhappy with the facilities. We changed simply to save dollars and a bonus will be to enjoy a new atmosphere. But I think anyone with any business experience or marketing background would have at least asked some basic questions. Doesn’t anyone want to know why we are leaving? You don’t have a single person that can talk to me when I call and say I am going to cancel 2 memberships?  My business mind was screaming, “How about a policy that says you have to come in to cancel memberships in person?”  At least someone would have to talk to me before I would be allowed to leave. I am by no means assuming that my $80 a month keeps Axiom in business but the overall policy of not caring seems very anti-business minded to me.

Sadly, I think Axiom is in for a big surprise if they don’t try and keep some members and improve their marketing.  Their crowds are dwindling and we are not the only ones catching up with old ‘”friends” at the new place in town. Get a customer retention team up and running quick Axiom, or your facilities are going to revert back to Gold’s very quickly.