I wrote recently about the Cowboy and I joining a new gym and I am really enjoying it. We are both getting great workouts and the new surroundings and equipment have personally motivated me to work even harder than usual. BUT…… there is a new and unique pack of woman at this new gym. They are all very fit, like…. fitness model fit and they work hard while they are there. But…. they ‘get ready’ to come to the gym. As in …makeup, hair done, outfits all matching. I would understand if they were coming from work, or if it were mid-afternoon, but we gym at 4:30…..A.M!  They get ready to work out to be there at 4:30am? Who does that?

I confess…. I don’t always take my make up off before I fall into bed (gasp!) and…I don’t always take my make-up off if I left it on the previous night before heading to a 4:30 am workout (bigger gasp!!), but  they have NEW makeup on (come on girls…you know what I’m talking about!), huge hoop earrings, bangle bracelets to match their work out tops and matching bottoms…and matching shoes, and their hair is in these perfectly ratted and positioned pony tails.  When I saw the first one from the pack I just kinda rolled my eyes but then her posse showed up with their matching eye shadow, designer fragrances and hoop earrings too. My first thought was, “oh shit!…we’ve joined a yuppy gym.” Then…. I laughed. I laughed at myself for self analyzing based on someone wearing makeup to the gym at 4:30 in the morning. I laughed at the thought of myself getting a bracelet tangled in a fly machine and having to ask someone to come free an arm. I laughed at the idea of me doing tricep drop-overs and getting a hoop stuck in a bangle and then in my hair while falling off the bench in a heap of hot-mess! I laughed as I remembered choosing my ‘outfit’ in the dark room where we use little to no light that time of the morning and how I’m totally sure that none of my workout gear has matching jewelry let alone matching tops and bottoms.

I laughed to myself a lot yesterday morning while I bench pressed in my basic tank top and classic bandanna tied biker style around my unruly hair. And as I fell into bed last night I didn’t think about what I’d wear to the gym today or how I’d do my hair. I just fell asleep, tucked safely in the arms of the Cowboy….smirking just a little at the thought of what might happen during our next workout.