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Two years ago this week ours lives changed forever. We all knew they would but we had absolutely no idea they would change to the degree that they have.

They gave me the Willow Tree Grandmother statue. A matronly woman sitting with a small boy at her knee. I can tell you where I was sitting, who was there, and the amount of tears shed in excited anticipation as I realized what the gift was telling me.

Big plans were made along with being named long before he was born. Titus Jay. Titus. Jay. He would be big and strong and honorable among men and when the call came at 2am…”Mom, my water broke….what should I do?” we got up, all of us, and headed to the place of waiting.

The whole family was there with only love for the girl and the baby to come and soon they were wheeled off and my mother’s heart yearned to go too. But a C-section allows only one and that was his place, as it should be. And so we waited. People slept in corners and on chairs. Others thumbed through magazines or checked work emails until “Dad” appeared to tell us she was alright and baby was small and working hard to breathe, but good.

I’ll never forget that first look at my daughter. Titus Jay had been whisked away and she looked at me as if to say…”Mama…. I have a baby too”. My baby girl…had a baby boy and I wondered with the deepest of emotions how I had gotten there.

Now, two years later he is the most beautiful two year old on the planet and although these past two years have not been what any of us had expected, he is a light in our often over-stressed, over-filled, crazy, fast paced world. His mama made a video to show at his upcoming party…. and as I previewed it last night, and we recounted our year as a family to a new friend, it was clear how much Titus Jay has grown. But even more obvious was how much WE have grown for being allowed to love him and how much we will continue to grow as a family because of him. Although we will give him gifts and offer him cake….we are the ones who receive the gift of Titus Jay every single day.