Sometimes, someone you love tells you something so shocking it takes your breath away. You sit wondering if you heard them right because there is no way what you thought you heard could be true. You stop. You breathe. You look in their eyes ….and slowly, sadly you see what you hope is not true.

You listen as they share their heart amid tears and questions of why? You try to understand a pain that you cannot, yet they are living it and it would be a lie to say “I understand.” There is no way you can and you quietly pray you never do. And you listen some more.

You give words of encouragement that you hope are true. You give words of love that you know are true. You offer a shoulder, a hand, a warm embrace. You cry with them, you hug them and you part ways with words of getting together again soon.

Your tears flow for their pain and the realization that they have a wound that you cannot heal for them. You ache for their thoughts, their memories, the days ahead and ones already lived through. You pray for words, if and when they are ever needed, wanted or asked for.  You send a text. You send a prayer.  Then you fall asleep with thoughts of them not sleeping.