I like Orange. A lot. I’m not sure I’d say it’s my all time favorite color because I’m not sure what my favorite color is and picking one is so limiting but it might be and if it isn’t it’s a very close second to whatever my favorite color is.  But, I have a little orange swoosh on my Nike tennis shoes. I have multiple orange items in my wardrobe and I even have a couple of orange purses.

It is early….4:47am early. I have been up for about 36 minutes, have drank 1.5 cups of coffee and am about three sips into a ‘gym potion’ and mid-leg press when it washes over me. I have on seven ‘different’ shades of Orange.

My swoosh was glaring in all it patent leather glory at the faded Orange “Champion” that is peeking from beneath my short sock. My black lycra bottoms boldly state their brand at the hem near my calf in a basic, yet almost neon Orange. My long, racer-back tank is definitely a Mango Orange and the sports bra that can be seen along the cut -outs of the tank is a Jack-O-Lantern Orange. I think to myself  “I am quite the trend setter, being able to combine so many shades of one color so dynamically and so early in the morning”….until I happen past a mirror and realize that my baseball hat is burnt Orange… in the most burnt kind of way. I sigh…and make sure I make no eye contact with the earring girls as I finish my workout. If they only knew my undies were another shade of Orange all-together.