I have no issues with spending money on things I want or need and sometimes don’t really need just want. I feel like I’ve finally arrived at that point in my life where I don’t have to think about every single dollar I spend…(No Dave Ramsey, I do not have envelopes!), but I also know that I am careful and for the most part smart about my money. So, when someone else makes an error or leads me in a direction that causes me to spend money I didn’t need to, it really pisses me off.

I plan ahead. I like a plan. I make a plan. I use a plan. I…am a planner. It is a point of humor at my house between the Cowboy and I, but it is none the less a part of my DNA to plan things. School has been no different. Shortly after my first semester where I excitedly skipped into the campus bookstore to buy my books only to realize that they were twice to three times what I could buy them for elsewhere, I decided I would find another way to buy them.

As has been the case each semester I was excited about my upcoming classes and I impatiently waited for the required texts to post and when they did I quickly purchased the books online weeks before class beginning and I even started reading the required novel two weeks before the class opened. A few days before opening day, my instructor sent an email stating that the novel we had to use was only the one published in 1996 and that any version prior to that printing, which by the way there were about 11, would not be acceptable. This had not been stated in the earlier book requirement and of course I had a 1986 version. So back online I went to repurchase the same book. It was only $15 and as much as it irked me a bit….I wasn’t too upset.

Fast forward another week, now 5 days into class, another email arrives. This time the wrong text-book had been posted to the class and we would all be required to get a different one. The text books were $125 at the bookstore and we were assured they would take back any books previously purchased.

I went to the bookstore with my book. They refused to help me. After all, it wasn’t their error; it was the error of the English department and…. I had not purchased it at their store.  I went to the book exchange. They were overloaded with a book they do not need, and the online site I purchased it from requires returns within 20 days of purchase. So I am the proud owner of a text-book I do not need, to the tune of $125, for a mistake I did not make.

In all fairness, $125 isn’t going to keep food off my table, or make me lose my house, but it’s the principle of the thing that gets me. I planned ahead. I got ready. I followed all the directions and in the end I am the one who pays the price for their mistake. That….just flat out pisses me off.  How dare they require me to spend my money on something that they decide they no longer need me to need! I would use expletives here but my Mom and Dad read this, but be assured…I am swearing like a sailor! I have been for about a week now and I plan to continue to do so until I am un-pissed off about it. I’m guessing that’ll take another week or so.

But, if anyone out there needs a 12th edition Literature book…call me. I have a nice, new, unused one I am willing to sell cheap and I promise not to swear at you when you ask why I’m getting rid of it.