All I wanted was ramen noodles! Chicken flavored top ramen with all the liquid drained off; add seasoning, butter and a handful of cheese. But…  we have none. Nope! No ramen in this house.

On super bowl Sunday I made a feast. I made 6 appetizers and 1 dessert all of them delectable, but around half time I started to feel…well not so good. Normally I would have chalked this up to the amount of alcohol consumed by that point, but my only drink sat half full where I had left it on the coffee table hours prior. So, definitely not alcohol induced. By the end of the game, I heard the cherished words, “You look like hell” as I sniffled and coughed and tried to do the stairs one more time on my way to bed at 745pm. I woke the next morning, poured myself into a shower only to fall directly back into bed afterwards, have expelled any amount of energy I had mustered by sleeping through the night. And in bed I stayed until 11am at which point I woke up craving…. Top Ramen.

I can’t even remember the last time I ate top ramen let alone bought it. But it is my stand by, when I am sick, food choice. Top ramen, with cheese and butter and…usually chips! Yep… a carb junkies dream come true! And it’s what I’ve craved the past two days of being home. Sadly, I substituted rice and tuna or yogurt and granola, but I have to tell ya, between the garbage on daytime tv and the lack of good ‘sick food’ in my house, the idea of heading back to work tomorrow is looking better and better regardless of how I feel.