If you were given a day, an entire day to do whatever you wanted with whoever you wanted, what would your day look like?

Mine would not consist of staying in bed all day or mounds of chocolate eaten without remorse. If I were given a day for anything I wanted it to be… I’d fill mine with the people I love, good food, and easy conversation. I’d fill it with sunshine and sand and laughter filled memories to be.  I’d fill my day with hugs and smooches and words that went deep in my heart to be cherished and relived in the days to follow.  My day would be filled with quiet touches and soft, knowing smiles and stolen safe havens of peace and ease.

I can’t remember the last time I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted, but I assure you I take every moment I can get to create as close to the above scenario as I can. And that is why most Sunday nights, and often days in between, look like they do at the Plummer/Hatch/Basset/Woods/Santa Maria house!