She cried when she went to the social security office to sign him up for aid. She had expected to be signing him up for college.

Sometimes the people who cross my path are so purposefully placed that it’s all I can do to breathe. I met her a year ago in a humanities class. She stopped me one night on my way out the door and asked me about me. We are a similar age and in classes with kids that could be our kids and that by itself gives us something in common. But it’s trivial compared to the wisdom and understanding I saw in her eyes yesterday when she asked about my grandson. Twice during class she leaned over with, “I can’t stop thinking about him.”

She gets it. She completely and totally gets it. Her beautiful son is 18 and she shared photos of their recent ride on a fire truck. She told me of taking him to a movie meant for young kids and the understanding she see’s in strangers eyes. She shared the amazing gift he is to those he knows and the life she hadn’t expected but that is somehow better.

And she got it when I said, “For a while I was just angry”.

Funny the people you meet, and re-meet. When I met her a year ago my life was different. I was different. I didn’t know. I hadn’t lived it. I remember smiling at her and thinking how brave she must be. Now she smiles at me because she gets it.