Why do some women who receive flowers from their men roll their eyes and tell their guy never to send them again? Why does a woman go home and tell her Man his gift to her heart from his heart was not what she wanted or was a waste of money? What are you thinking?

So many times I hear women complain about receiving flowers saying they are frivolous, they cost too much money or they just die. And to those women I say you’re right to all those things. They do die and they are frivolous! Isn’t that the best part? I’ve had women tell me I shouldn’t get flowers as often as I do and in a self-righteous tone they tell me they have told their man not to send them. And of these women I wonder if they will one day wish he was still there to send flowers. Because, you see, ungrateful words damage the soul of a Man and last a lifetime. I feel sorry for the man whose woman rejects the gift of his heart. He came with his most precious item and had it shot down with no regard to his effort or the love he attempted to convey. Why would you do that to the Man you say you love?

Maybe the next time he gets you flowers, try loving his heart by loving the gift. Random gifts are often the most precious gifts because they are unexpected. So whether he delivers them, picks them, has them sent to you at work or lays them quietly on your pillow, when you see that next bouquet, if there is a next one, just say Thank you!

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for taking the time to stop and buy flowers for me. Thank you for reminding me how much you love me and that you thought of me today and then.….see what happens. I bet you’ll see his heart and when you think more about his heart than you do about the way he tries to show it, the flowers will be perfect!