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We had talked throughout the day of what the evening would look like. I had 100 pages to read before the night could wrap up and he had a paper he had to have outlined. It had been a full day and would be a full evening as well.

As I drove the 35 minutes home it washed over me and I hoped we could find a few minutes of just us time. I walked through the door and made the suggestion. It was 4:45pm. At 7:15 I realized I better start dinner. We had sat on our leather couches for 2 ½ hours sharing our day, our thoughts, our hearts. We talked of our kids, our plans for the summer, the sermon we heard on Sunday, our upcoming trip to Maine and a thousand other little things that would have been forgotten by morning. We shared life and heart and us.

No homework was done at all and yes we are now slightly behind the power curve. He got up at 4:00am to make up for lost time and I will add a few hours to my evening tonight.  And….. it was totally worth it.

The old me would have made a plan and stuck to it regardless of the cost. I really like the new me and the life we sometimes live outside the P.L.A.N.