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I was invited on an outing today by two of the most amazing people I know. Yep, a day of shopping with my gorgeous daughters and although I birthed them and that I am sure makes me biased, I know no other more beautiful women on the planet than these two ‘girls’. At the ages of soon to be 27 and 24 they are hardly girls anymore but somehow even as we tried on grown up shoes, bantered over red lipstick and passed each other clothes through dressing room doors, I couldn’t help but remember them as two high-spirited and often times rambunctious little girls. I remembered them splashing in pools and laughing in bathtubs. Sharing macaroni and cheese while watching princess movies for the 100th time, signing every song by heart and holding hands as they waited outside school to be picked up. They have always been the best of friends.

Now gorgeous and mature women, we laugh and joke with each other like school girls. We share smoothies and ideas of fashion, willingly saying NO and rolling our eyes at the bad outfits we try on that looked oh so fun on the hanger or the not so perfect shade of lip-gloss. We take turns pushing an overflowing stroller, more with packages than sweet baby Titus, and when there are too many bags, we pass him between us so we have more room for treasures.

There were no great mysteries solved today. No perfect outfits purchased for an upcoming event or night on the town. There was no item taken home that would signify the day or adhere the memory tighter in our minds. But there was laughter and love and time and girl talk. There was tea and chatter, stories and shared plans. There were items left on hangers and there were items placed in bags, but mostly, there was love and friendship and dreams. I am a lucky lady and an even luckier Mom that I get to call these beautiful women my children. Because, those two little girls were my daughters by chance but these two amazing women have become my two best girlfriends by choice. And I am by far the luckiest one of all.