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TJ Standing

He crawled to the side, looked back over his shoulder, faced forward again, reached out and grabbed two spindles, and ever so slowly…..pulled himself up. And there he stood…..out of breath, grinning ear to ear and half giggling at his accomplishment.  So, so proud of himself. Not only did he stand last night, he had his first dinner time meal in over a year that was not given to him through a feeding tube. His eyes lit up as he took the first bites of his meal. He looked at both his mom and I with questions about the flavor and that he was eating alone. A small and triumphant smile emerged as if he knew things were going to be different now.

Our little Man turned 2 in January, and although we had high hopes that this week he would reach 20 pounds, we are still waiting and that mile stone has now become the new and prayed for goal. What we are not waiting for though is the spirit of a fighter to emerge; he has had that since before he was born. And last night we clapped and cried, and smiled so hard it hurt but we didn’t look away because that was yesterdays miracle …and He is our miracle every day.