Garrett and Me

“This may or may not be a yes or no”

This was the phrase I overhead as I walked next to a fellow student as he finished up a conversation on his cell phone. That was three days ago and for some reason I can’t get that phrase out of my head. My first thought was….”What does that even mean?” Followed shortly by, “I wonder if the person on the other end of the line has any idea what that means?”

Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and how we do it. We have Facebook and text messages, Instagram and Twitter and IM’s and phone messages. And on a very rare occasion we get a phone call like the one I got today from my wonderful, almost 17 year old son on his lunch break from school. He called to tell me about a new song he thought I’d like and how the bass in it is amazing and that I shouldn’t get freaked out over the title ‘cause it was a very cool song regardless’. Then he told me the music video was weird but he was very sure I would love the song! And then….he was gone. On his way to be a kid again at school, hanging with his friends and talking about things 17 year old boys talk about and mom’s should never know about. But he called me. His mom. In the middle of his day.

On occasion I listen to kids talk and think…”what does that even mean?” But one amazing, put together, level headed young man called me today to share a small part of his day with his mom. And I understand that loud and clear! Thanks Son. You made this Mom’s day! And you were right…I Love the song!