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I read this question this week on a calendar page:
What is it that makes your soul happy?
I immediately started making a list in my head.
Then I thought, I should make that list on paper (or a page) so I can look back and be reminded now and again.
So….here goes.
    Sleeping in on Sunday morning
    Meals around the family table
    The light in my grandson’s eyes when he sees me
    A hug from my teenage son
    Gerber daisies
    Seeing God in the small things
    Watching a sunrise
    A long chat over a glass of wine with a good friend
    Laughter with my oldest daughter
    A note card from my Gran
    A call from my parents
    Sitting quietly on a warm evening
    A long, tender kiss from my Man
    Attending school
    Watching my youngest daughter care for her son
    Planning our future
    Being a Mom, a lover, a friend and a woman
The list goes on & on, but what’s important is that I have a list of things that make my Soul Happy. One I doubt I will ever complete. 
So…. what’s on your list??