The Cowboy and I have decided to read together; a relationship study of short, easy-to-read little three page reminders really. I think most couples probably do these types of studies when they think things are coming off the tracks a little, but we decided to do one together with the goal of keeping things on track and with the hope that it would provide lots of fodder for deep conversation.

The last one we read was about assuming goodwill and it did what we’d hoped by providing a launch for a great conversation. We spent a fair amount of time discussing the concept and how easy it can be to let ones brain start the negative self talk about others. The stuff we let ourselves listen to inside our own heads about intentions and purposed antagonism. Maybe its age or maybe it’s not having done it as well as I could have in the past, or maybe when you’re loved very well it can be easier to not let it start, but it was good reminder to my heart and my soul. When I love someone, whether it’s my kids, my lover or my friends, I want to assume goodwill. Honestly, what can it hurt? If we think negatively it too is an assumption, right? So if we’re going to make assumptions, why not assume the best of those we love? Because I will bet that those we say we care about most will live up to our assumptions……either way. 😉