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The Cowboy went out of town this morning on business. Before he left we sat for a few minutes, drinking coffee and talking of our day and our life and what the next few weeks will look like. Just regular stuff that grown-ups talk about, then he was off with coffee in hand and a promise to text when he got to his destination. I walked through the quiet house to the shower, to find the letters M&R, TLA like we wrote it in high school with the letters overlapping, surrounded by a heart, written on my shower wall in bright red lipstick. I smiled to myself as I shampooed my hair. As I stepped to the mirror more words were written in lipstick, a reminder he’d be home soon. And finally the Ipad, as I sat to finish my coffee, had a note written on its opening page, reminding me I’m loved and promising a quick return and a fun weekend.

I drove to work feeling treasured and wondering how soon he’d find the notes I tucked into his computer and work bags and travel kit. Confirming again that even the small things are never small after all.