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A mother’s heart is never so full as when she looks into the eyes of a young man that she knows is forever linked to her
One of her most prized possession; not really hers and yet not all together his either
Tied together though this life and the one that follows by a heart string
Fragile as the spiders silky web. Strong as the sailors mighty rope. 
She has had dreams for him since she knew of his existence
Dreams of love and life and happiness
She’s had fears for him too
Fears of loves lost, disappointments torturous and shattered pride
But she knows his strength will prevail
For he has the soul of a Warrior
Her heart is never so full of pride as when he steps to a door, a gentleman to an elderly woman
Or so full of joy as when his smile and laughter fill a room
A son
A precious gift entrusted to but one mother
And I count myself blessed to by his.

Happy 17th Birthday Garrett Pierce. I love you