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I love May
It brings with it flowers and sunshine, birthdays and bike rides
This weekend was full of diverse and laughter filled events
We worked the diabetes walk and I saw families and support and hope that I was just grateful to get to observe in a world where all of those things seem in such short availability 
Bikes rode in the sun, Tj’s first time in his bike-mobile and his smile was worth every dime the contraption cost
Dinner downtown with martinis and laughter to celebrate the life of a beautiful girl/Mom/woman
I fell asleep next to the Cowboy in the hammock in the middle of a warm afternoon only to be awoke by birds chattering loudly at our invasion of their space
And we sat around the table, the first BBQ of the year, drinking new martini recipes and laughing until our abs hurt
There is no greater gift than time with those we love.
And I count myself blessed to have had yet another memory making weekend!