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I joined for the challenge and the daily assignment; I get a kick out of deadlines and mandates. So for the next 30 days minus a few vacation days, I hope to post daily about an assigned topic. So…here goes!

If you were named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be?

It was an easy answer to what seemed like a complicated question but it came without hesitation. If I can be remembered for one thing I’d like it to be for “realness” because I live daily hoping that is what people see.

That’s not to say I am perfect. It’s not to say that there aren’t things in my life I’d like to change or not have to remember about choices or decisions I’ve made, but it is the idea that who you see is not fake or masked. I lived many years donning a mask of hoped for perceived perfection only to realize it was an unattainable expectation. Perfection changes by the minute, the organization, the rules of the situation but real is in the eye of the beholders of my life. Am I who I say I am? Do I love with all my heart and do I live by a compass that has its true north flexible enough to make positive change and yet solid enough to define its own morality?  I ask myself that question everyday, and live a life determined to make those who answer it answer with a resounding Yes!

In 300 years if there is someone who wants to know who Rachel Hatch was, I hope they say I was a woman who was real; real with my love, my passion and my determination but mostly real and true to my heart and to those who I shared it with.