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Jax and TJ
Feels like only yesterday the Men were debating how to get the crib through the door
The energy was excited and wild
Laughter and sweat, banter and work
a New life adventure ahead
He was much sicker then
Nights long and days sometimes longer
His small fragile body often wracked with the convulsions of regurgitating his last meal 
his Cries in the night often waking all
She was more fragile then too
The diagnosis so new
The future so bleak if only for its uncertainty 
sometimes, Late in the night, I wondered which of them I heard crying
Life was lived now as a family of 5
Dinners and groceries
Baths in the kitchen sink
and Wine during the Voice
I whispered…”Maybe this will last forever”
And smiled at the thought
Hoping Nana would be his next word
wondering If I would witness his first step
Almost a year now and his smile has grown
As has his strength, his vocabulary and the brightness in his eyes
No longer are there tears every night 
and No longer is there a debilitating fear in her soul
They are ready to fly
My small bird and her young fledgling 
But I am not sure I  am ready
i May be just slightly short of ready
I know I will miss his smile, his outstretched arms
His sleepy eyes as he wakes in the morning
The way he smells after a bath and the sound of his laughter
as He responds to Grandpa’s ‘shaka…shaka…shaka”
I will miss her lightness and ease of life
Her willingness to share moments of laughter
I’ll miss Watching her be the most amazing mom I’ve every known
and Yet still a young girl at heart
I’ll miss the sounds that says they are close
Their laughter that says they are home
The things that tell a Nana she need not worry
and That all are safe and tucked in close
The day after tomorrow the Men will again debate how to get the crib through the door
and I will be left missing their Noise