The human Heart is capable of so much more than we could ever imagine. We give it all the credit for how deeply we love, how deeply we hurt and how much we can endure. It beats solidly in our chests without a second thought, day after day keeping all parts of who we are alive and well. We almost tangibly feel it break when those we care most about hurt, are angry or leave this earth prematurely and yet it beats on. It feels as if it may burst when we look into the eyes of our children or our lovers or when we meet the goal, outdo our own expectations or feel the rush of adrenaline. It beats on sustaining our emotions along with our life blood with its every beat.

          This past week my Heart has felt every emotion it is capable of. Anticipation of new and exciting adventures. An over the top happiness as my youngest makes changes and I draw him close. A sadness as the wee one and his mommy spread their wings and flew. Agonizing fear as this little girls first love battled the unexpected and pain as his only love pleaded for peace and grace and time. A deep gratitude as arms encircled me each night with power and love and reassurance of the days to come. 

          …the Hearts beat on. Each and every one of them. Each stronger than known possible. And for that this Heart will be forever grateful.