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I was once told that it isn’t the huge, overly planned and expensive things that matter so much, but all the small, little, seemingly insignificant things that matter most. As I reflect on that idea this morning, I again see the truth in those words. Thank you to those who have given what seem like small things, because on cool, damp, rainy mornings like this one, I am reminded again that they really do mean everything.

A hug held a little longer than needed
A smile
A kiss on my forehead as I wake each morning
The bed made each day while I shower
An email with just the four letters TGIF
A card left under my pillow
A ‘thank you’ for dinner made
Clean sheets
Standing when I leave the table
Notes left on a white board
Whispered good mornings
A warm fire on a cool evening
Never leaving without saying “I Love You”
Unexpected lunch invitations
A yard I am proud of
Standing around the kitchen island sharing drinks and story
Laughter after a long week
Spur of the moment Sunday cocktails
Taking my hand when we walk
Opening the door no matter how awkward it seems
Helping me on with my coat…every time
Always offering my chair first
Thursday lunches
Family dinners
Plans for holidays

There really are No Little Things. There are only things that remind us every day that we are loved and I am so blessed to have so many in my life that give so many ‘little things’.