My last post was November 2014.

Yep…thats about right.

Before the winter semester started.

Before the Holidays.

Before the preparations for the graduation and move to college.

Before the new patio or the summer began.

Before the annual trip to Maine.

And now, I come skidding in, mid-summer, just in time to well, be back.

Truth be told, my Gran asked when the last time I wrote was.

She has this way of asking that makes me understand she’s a little disappointed in my answer if the one she thinks she’s going to get is correct. I appreciate that about her. It kicks me in the ass and reminds me that I want to do this.

So, here I am again. Nothing brilliant or deep or profoundly inspiring. Just a declaration to self that I love to write. I want to write. I will write.

And….so that next time an old lady asks, I can give her the answer her heart wants to hear.