Last Friday I drove the trail car for three hours as we inched closer and closer to a new and grand life adventure. With each passing mile I recalled memories; a hat from Knots Berry farm always worn regardless of destination, the particular laugh of a small boy holding a puppy, his hand in mine as we walked to school. Then I would look forward to spot his car ahead of mine going 82 miles an hour toward his new home and his new life. Never have I been more proud. Never have I felt so much emotion. His goals. His desire being lived out. He will change our world.

tj school2Tj school1

This morning, one week ago to the moment, a small boy boarded a bus for the first time. His small, uncoordinated legs guiding his small walker to the door. His struggle visible to anyone watching, but wholly overlooked for the smile on his face. His pride tangible. His mama’s even more so. They said probably not. They said don’t count on too many things being as you’d hoped or dreamed. Yet, here we are. Here he is! Boarding a school bus, going to school. Anxious and ready to see what else life offers him to conquer. His curious little mind at work and more than willing to meet the challenges thrown at him. He will change our world.

Two boys. One week. One no longer a boy, but a man. One no longer a baby, but a boy. Both ready and willing to change the world.